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What Is Quality?

In the early stages of industrial system development quality was related exclusively to product properties. First the supplier's point of view and then the customer's one were considered. Later on, the degree of satisfaction of the customer's needs became the dominant quality criteria of a product.

Nowadays, the matter concerns not only the relations between the properties of the product and the customer's needs. It is generally accepted that the quality emerges from the interaction of all processes of the company and the customer.

Quality is constituted by the processes inside the company. Trying to evaluate it leads to the following questions:

  • Are all the important processes well documented?
  • Do all concerned players know these processes?
  • Do all concerned players follow these processes?
  • Are the performance and the effectiveness of these processes evaluated and well documented?
  • Are the processes well managed?
  • Are corrective actions initiated in case of deviations?
  • Are these processes reviewed and adapted to the changes of customer's needs or to the internal needs of the company?

The quality is defined by:

  • the coherence and adaptation of the processes to the needs of the company,
  • the implementation of these processes,
  • the will to achieve the defined goals by a systematic application of these processes.