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The Elements of Quality Policy

The existence of the company depends on its quality performances in every field of its activities.

The quality standards achieved must be at least equal to the best performing competitors.

The quality has to be constantly adapted to all changes that are essential for the company's activities whether they concern the market, the technology, the policy or the social domain.

The adaptation must take into account the actions of competitors and customer requirements, but still has to be kept independent, based on alert own analysis and own judgements.

The quality is a commitment of the company and therefore a state of mind and a type of behaviour of all employees at all levels.

Starting from the vision, the mission, the values and the fundamental principals a system of objectives is built to guide this state of mind and this way of behaving.

The whole managerial staff gives an example to the personnel. Its task is to constantly inform, to train and to implement all necessary means to be in accordance with the goals and values of the company.

Each of us has the responsibility to implement these rules and continuously improve the system in order to keep competitiveness.

We have the passion to anticipate and react as fast as possible to changes so that we can meet challenges better than our competitors.

Our quality management system will be based on the ISO TS16949 standard.

Everybody can familiarize with the fundamentals of our quality policy (i.e. customers, suppliers and employees) which will be incorporated in our quality manual.