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CADEIS—Engineering Industrial Systems

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In order to actuate the parts we specify well-approved types of drives as well as new ones.

Linear Drives

  • High speed and dynamics,
  • Primary and secondary components,
  • Stiffness of the connection construction,
  • Precision cooling

Electric Motor

  • Application as servo motors for slides or as main motor, holding torque, maximal torque, water cooling, characteristics (nominal speed rate, nominal torque and nominal power), duty cycle, shaft load, connection design

Power Conversion

  • Conversion of rotary into linear motion,
  • Lead screws with a simple trapezoidal thread or cuts for balls,
  • Racks for long traverse paths and master slave drives for high accuracy,
  • Belt drive with toothed belt or v-belt

Power Transmission

  • Gear boxes with tensioned gears in the transmission range, indexing gears, belt drives, ballscrews, racks

Clutch Types

  • Overload clutches, for connections between a motor and a drive section and compensation of manufacturing tolerances for single components