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The company was founded in Coburg by Joachim Klement with two colleagues. Design of cast parts, NC tilting tables, tool and pallet handling systems, detailing of angled milling heads


Design of welding stations for car assembly work stations with robots, cutting and centering machines, measuring, sorting, and assembly units for roller bearings, overall design of vertical milling heads


10 employees


New development of vertical turning machines, grinding units, development of a set of milling spindles, precision saw for separating of silicon monocrystals, lathes with handling for railway buffers


Acquisition of new premises in Coburg Creidlitz


Gantry laser welding machine for car roofs, movable column milling machine with rack drive, horizontal milling machine for aircraft parts, large scale hydrostatic NC rotary table, various attached and angled milling heads


20 employees, rapid extension of the existing application scope


28 employees


Various automated NC machining centres, tumbler for armature components, grinding machine for spiral drills, modules for large scale milling machines, fast NC radial drilling machine


Modular design grinding machines for various ball and roller bearings, four-fold grinding head, design of a complete gantry milling machine optimized applying FEM calculations


Machining centre for turbine blades, start of development work for the series of movable column milling machines


Design of a complete gantry milling machine with a mobile table as well as tool and milling head exchange system, vertical grinding machine for large rings of roller bearings, special removable milling head for machining of diesel engines, mobile service platform for a large gantry milling machine


Assembly line for engine blocks, different fork and orbit type milling heads with power of 30 and 60 kW, assembly line for gear boxes of trucks


Deep hole boring machine for manufacturing of crankshafts, modules of large scale turning centres: tailstocks and infeed slides, large moulding press loading systems


Different types of gantry milling machines with drive systems like tense rack and linear drives, machining centre with workpiece handling for large aircraft components, gantry milling machine for machining of polystyrene, grinding machine for turbine rotors for external and cylindrical grinding of the shafts


Work stations for automatic bearing assembly, crank stroke milling machine with a mill of 5 m diameter, assembly stations for automobile common rail systems, gantry milling machine with linear drives in all axes as well as fork design milling head with removable spindles


Acquisition of the company by Dr. Reinhard and Dr. Ulrich Grzesik, company executive Dr. Ulrich Grzesik; the goal of the company development is continuous growth of competences, number of customers and capacities


Gantry type milling machine, linear drives and movable W-axis, X6000 Y5000 Z1500 W800, external grinding machine, internal grinding machine, milling unit, universal milling machine, assembly stations for roller bearings, assembly units, milling heads, modules of grinding machines


Large universal grinding machine, honing machines, movable column milling machine, tool magazines, round table units, assemblies of grinding machines, milling heads, complex clamping device for laser welding system, rinse and clamping devices for hydraulic components, bolt press system in catalyzer coverages, laser welding units for airbag cartridges and carburettor systems, welding unit for parts of nuclear power plant (dimensions 20×8×10 m), swivel unit for large rotary tables, FE calculation of movable column milling machine


Large portal milling machine, redesign of honing machines, movable column milling machines, FE calculations of assemblies and completes machines, concept developments for assemblies of milling machines, universal milling machine, machine cabin, palette changing system, deep hole boring machine, FE calculations of pressure resistance